Our Vision

To work with women everywhere to step out of their addictive patterns and step into their authentic selves


Authentic recovery

Do you feel trapped in a self made prison? Repeating the same harmful behaviours over and over ? Wondering how this keeps happening ? 

Why am I so weak?

Why can't I stick to that diet? That recovery plan?

Why doesn't anything seem to work for me?

Why cant I make change last? 

If this sounds familiar to you...if shame and regret meet you daily, if you're tired of feeling stuck. I'm glad your here.

If this is you, welcome. You don't have to do it alone anymore. 

Authentic recovery is the goal and result of the Wellness Way Inspired Coaching program. Through individual sessions you will be guided and supported to a recovery which makes sense for your life.  

Authentic recovery is a foundation for living which connects you to your truth, free from self-defeating patterns, shame and regret.

You. Your truth. Liberated. 

Give yourself the gift of discovering who you are without your addictive patterns. 

Who do we help?

Erin works with women who have experienced substance addiction, emotional eating, eating disorders, shopping addictions, relationship addictions and various other emotionally rooted addictive patterns.